YouTube app now has a new Time Watched option


Earlier in May 2018, Google spent a lot of time talking about its Digital Wellbeing efforts at the Google I/O conference. Later on, we saw a lot of these implementations in the final build of Android P. Now, the new updates on YouTube platforms already recommends taking a break now and provides tools to help you limit the number of notifications you receive.

Now, with this new update, users can see a calculated amount of time they’ve spent watching videos. You can get into this option, by easily advancing to the accounts setting. From there, an option for Time Watched will be available. You can see your time watched for today, yesterday, and the past seven days.

For users who find themselves addicted to youtube, can toggle reminders to take a break. There exists an option that allows you to control, whether or not you want to autoplay next video option.

So, Have you started using YouTube’s digital wellbeing tools? Kindly share your thoughts in the comments section below.