Xiaomi XR, XS and XS Max are now up for sale, and those aren’t just phones


Apple iPhones are never seen getting affordable. With each year we get to see a new iPhone with crazy bumps in prices. This year we have seen Apple pricing the iPhones even more aggressively. In China, the iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max cost at ($946), CNY 8699 ($1266), and CNY 9599 ($1397), respectively. If you think that the price in China is high, then you are wrong. Pricing for these new iPhones is even more in countries like India, where it starts for $13,972 for the base 64GB variant of iPhone XS.

Besides in China, We’ve got one major brand who always seem to offer Android flagships with iPhone like capabilities. Now, Xiaomi has its own XR, XS, and XS Max to offer in China. No these are not the new Xiaomi flagships, these are the new electronic bundles after the name of latest iPhones. These bundles cost the same as Apple is charging you for the current iPhones.

Xiaomi puts up the XR, XS and XS Max for sale, and those aren't just phones

Xiaomi XR bundle

As the name suggests it will cost you the price of the least expensive iPhone at $946 in China. For your price, Xiaomi will bundle for you a Mi 8 SE smartphone in highest 6GB/128GB configuration, a 12.5-inch Mi Notebook Air (8GB/256GB), a Mi Band 3, and a Bluetooth handsfree. So, that sounds legit, right?

Xiaomi XS bundle

If you loved the previous deal, then you are gonna love this one even more. At the price same as iPhone XS, you can grab a Mi Mix 2S (8GB/256GB version), and a larger 13.3-inch Mi notebook Air. The Mi Band 3 and Bluetooth headset are still included in the bundle.

Xiaomi XS Max bundle

Now, the last deal compares with the iPhone XS Max pricing. Now, instead of buying the base variant of iPhone XS Max, you can have a lot of things in this package. The package includes a Mi 8 smartphone (6GB/128GB), the Mi notebook Pro with IMX 150 GPU, the Mi Band 3, and a pair of  Bluetooth earbuds.

Sadly, these are Xiaomi all things. So, these are available in China only.