Xiaomi makes an official statement about the foldable phone!


Xiaomi is working on a foldable smartphone, and we know that already. Today, the company makes an official statement about the Xiaomi foldable phone. We are talking about the phone that we’ve been observing in a couple of videos from Xiaomi.

Xiaomi’s Statement

Xiaomi makes an official statement about the foldable phone!

Of Late, Xiaomi issued its official statement to LetsGoDigital and details its latest foldable phone. The company in its statement discuss the hardships its Engineer’s had to overcome to develop a Flexible display that folds three times. Also, the company focuses on the folding mechanism in addition to the way the MIUI reacts to the phone’s different folding configurations. Even more, Xiaomi says that the foldable display is co-developed by the company along with its suppliers.

Xiaomi Foldable Phone 3D Renders

Interestingly, LetsGoDigital outlines the 3D renders of the phone. And, observing the relations between LetsGoDigital and Xiaomi, we might be looking at the real phone. The UI on the phone isn’t the traditional UI that we see on XIaomi phones. The company may use the MIUI skin on top in its final product. Moreover, the prototypes that we are seeing are known to be – Xiaomi Dual Flex and Xiaomi MIX Flex. The company may name its phone by some other name in its final products.

The actual phone isn’t different from the leaked videos that we have seen in the past. The screen bends backward on both sides like a wrap. Once the screen folds behind, the UI shifts to the middle section. Interestingly, when the screen is not folded, the entire surface comes into use to watch videos and use applications.

The cameras on the phone are still not visible to us in the recent renders. We might see behind the center section of the device. With that said, one may need to flip open one or both the sides to make use of the camera. It will be conventional if Xiaomi implements the camera off-center. In this way, one can use one fold of the display as a viewfinder to take selfies on the phone.

Anyways, the phone seems to have USB-C port and an earpiece at the top bezel. We re still not aware of the remaining specifications on the phone.

Well, the foldable phone from Xiaomi brings umpteen complications without solving needs among the masses. What do you think about the foldable phone from Xiaomi? Do let us know in the comments section below.