Xiaomi sold 68,000 Pocophone F1 units in less than five minutes


Xiaomi’s new sub-brand Pocophone is a hit in Indian markets. Pocophone made its first flagship Pocophone F1 Official, today, in India. The company is providing a flagship DNA at a price that is hard to digest. Indians, are loving the strategy of selling the high-end smartphones at this price tag by the new sub-brand. On, estimating the number of units the company sold today, we know the company is already, moving in the right direction. Besides that, today was the first flash sale for of the company at 12 PM, and apparently, it was Flipkart’s biggest and fastest flagship sale ever.

Today, we, ve got to see an official tweet from the company that claims to generate more than INR 200 crore (2 billion) sales, in less than five minutes. The company says nothing about the number of Pocophone F1 handsets sold in India. The estimate, we are making is obtained, by dividing the cost price by the total number of handsets the company sold.

Now, on estimating the cost for the most expensive model, for every single order, 68,965 handsets were sold. If we estimate the same cost as the base model, it calculates to 100,000 units sold in those few minutes. These are not the real numbers, but somewhere in between.

If you are waiting for the next flash sale, then it will take place on September 5. So, have you already got one or trying to get yourself one? Kindly let us know in the comments section below.