We just did away with a cryptic teaser poster from the brand Xiaomi. And, now the things are confirmed by Xiaomi itself. Well, now we are sure that the mi Mix 3 will be among the first 5G-supporting smartphone on the market. Also, this will be the first smartphone to feature a 10GB of RAM.

Now, the 5G support on the Mix confirmation comes from Xiaomi Spain. And, the 10GB of RAM rumor was backed up in a Weibo post. Now, here is are the posters that confirm the slide-out cameras.

Well, we appreciate 10Gigs of RAM in the upcoming smartphone, but 5G modems still have a long way to develop. The lack of 5G network infrastructure makes this technology unusable on smartphones.

So, this is our third indication towards the 5G support on the Mix 3. And, we assume that the Chinese manufacturer may choose from the X24 and X50 modems for the Mix 3.

Lastly, we don’t have any official announcement for the specifications of this smartphone. But, we know for sure that Mix 3 will arrive a dedicated AI button to activate Xiao Ai. Now, for the countries like India, this button will launch the Google Assistant out of the box.