Xiaomi Mi 9 camera samples Shared by Chuan Wang – CEO of Xiaomi China


Today, the co-founder and director of the Chinese division at Xiaomi Chuan Wang share the Xiaomi Mi 9 camera samples. The samples appear on his Weibo profile and reveal a 48MP shooter. The Post reveals a picture of a flower in artificial lightning along with two more photographs with the company’s watermark. The watermark reads, “Shot on Mi 9 Triple Camera,” that confirms the three cameras on phone.

Anyways, the photos are magnificent in details and capture perfect portraits. Each flower petal draws the right amount of light. Even more, the flowers are artificial, but the right amount of exposures brings life to the plant. Sadly, the photographs don’t expose data on the ISO and focal length of the images.

The image of the golden labradors in bright lighting conditions preserves the right amount of detail. The physical features of the dogs are maintained, and there’s even the reflection of Wang in the eyes of the pups. The camera seems to perform decently in bright lighting conditions.

The photo taken in the aquarium is the best of the bunch. The colors are rich, and the blues are deep. The air bubbles didn’t lose details, and looking at the chunk of air on the upper left side shows stacking of pixels. The photo seems to come out of the Night Mode.