Xiaomi Mi 9 and Mi 9 Explorer Price Leaks with some specs


Xiaomi Mi 9 has got a massive unveil by the company itself on its Twitter phone. Well, that’s not the public unveil, and the event will take place in two days from now. From here, our sources confirm the pricing Mi 9 along with the design of the Mi 9 Explorer edition.

The Mi 9 Explorer is not the same phone as the mi 9 Transparent Edition. The phone has got a transparent back with insane 12GB of RAM as an exclusive. The phone will set back at $885 and that, in my opinion, is a massive premium over the 8/256GB transparent model. Here’s a short teaser for Mi 9 explorer edition.

Well, the entry-level variant of the Mi 9 will start at CNY 3,499, which right now translates into about $516 or €458. The phone has got a decent price for decent specifications. Here’s the table for the pricing on the phone.

8/256GB Transparent edition¥5,000$740€520
8GB Explorer edition¥6,000$885€785