Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite’s gradient back is a transparent glass


Mi 8 Lite is the first handset from Xiaomi that features a gradient color paint job. The paint job on the handset comes as a part of a nano-sputtering process. Well, this is the same technology that Huawei use to create a gradient on the P20 Pro. Something interesting about the Mi 8 Lite gradient color back is the fact that it actually has a transparent glass. The glass, when put on a dark surface, produces a gradient effect.

Xiaomi explains that the designer team of the company has gone through several hurdles before attaining the gradient color. The key lies within the transparent glass panel that undergoes infinite coating layers forming a nano-scale thickness difference on the surface. Well, we can not judge this phenomenon through our naked eyes, but when put against a dark surface, the color shift is noticeable.

Also, the company is showcasing the phenomenon through a video and says that one can remove the back panel to see the difference for themselves. We recommend you not to do this as it will void your warranty.