Xiaomi foldable smartphone video leaks in wild


Foldable smartphones are the trend to go in the year 2019. While Samsung will be the first one to showcase the Galaxy with a foldable screen, other manufacturers will catch up with the competition soon. We’ve already seen the implementations from Huawei and Motorola in concepts. Today, we’ve got our first look at the working model of a Xiaomi foldable device.

Today, we’ve got a video from a famous leakster @eveleaks. The video showcase a Xiaomi foldable smartphone working in all its glory. The Xiaomi foldable smartphone shows up a cool concept, and we like it better than Galaxy F.

The video clearly shows the smartphone that folds back. One can clearly see the creases even before the device is folded back. With that said, the handset is unquestionably an early prototype. Interestingly, the UI reacts fast when you fold on either edge of the lock screen. The moment you fold the smartphone, the status bar and navigation happens to exist on the smartphone. The company is certainly making smart moves in bringing up the UI on foldable smartphones.

The panel technically wraps around the back, instead of folding the smartphone from the middle. What do you think about the folding smartphone from Xiaomi? Do let us know in the comments section below.