Xiaomi Black Shark Successor appears in a hands-on photo


We have already been following up with the 2019 Android flagship phones in the market. And, its time for the 2019 Android Gaming Phones. We were already expecting Xiaomi to release the next iteration of the Xiaomi Black Shark in the coming month or two. Now, it turns like the phone is happening as we’ve got our first look at the hands-on photo of the device.

The specifications on the Black Shark 2 would not be a surprise to us. We already now that the beast will power the all-new Snapdragon 855 SoC along with 8/12GB of RAM.

Anyways, the Black Shark 2 will come with a plethora of changes in the internals. The aesthetic of the phone will remain the same as the Black Shark Helo with dark rear panel along with light green lines. Looking broadly into the image, one can notice the dual cameras on the top left corner of the phone. We expect one of the cameras to be a wide-angle lens on top of the normal one.

Even more, the Xiaomi Black 2 or the successor to the Black Shark Helo will come with 27W fast-charging. According to the 3C website the phone has got the model number SKW-A0 that will ship with the MDY-10-EH charger. With that said, the charger is the same one that we get in the box of the Mi 9.