Google introduced its new wireless charging pads or the Pixel Stand at the Pixel event. These chargers are capable of outputting the fast 10W wireless charging current to the new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Well, these are the only two devices that support fast wireless charging on the Pixel Stand.

Wireless charging on Pixel 3 is capped at 5W on non-Google-approved chargers

Note that the same thing goes for the converse. Now, that means that the Pixel 3 duo can only reach 10W fast charging on the Pixel stand. Also, Belkin is releasing its own version of the Google-approved third-party Qi charger. Well, this new charger from Belkin will function at its full potential.


We don’t limit third-party devices, in fact, we’re working with our partners in the Made for Google program to get fast wireless 10W chargers certified for use with Pixel 3. Pixel Stand and Pixel 3 work together through the protocol we’ve developed for fast charging. Everything else charged at the industry standard Qi 5W.

Well, this is not a good thing as consumers need to shell out extra money for fast charging their already expensive Pixel phones. Else, if you opt for a regular wireless charger, you will be capped at 5W Qi wireless charging.

So, are you happy with Google’s decision of capping the charging speeds? Kindly, let us know in the comments section below.