vivo NEX 2 leaks with secondary screen and triple cameras on rear


vivo NEX was the first smartphone in the market with a mechanical selfie shooter camera. The smartphone had minimal bezels, and it did not bear an ugly notch. Ever since vivo NEX, we’ve seen Oppo, Nubia, and Xiaomi arriving with their implementations of mechanical slides. I think this is a huge step for these Chinese manufacturers. Lately, these companies are stressing more on innovations, rather than copying Apple and Samsung in the market.

ZTE is another brand that is getting rid of the notch on flagships. Instead if adopting the mechanical parts, the company slapped a secondary display on the back of the Nubia X. Well, this is the best implementation yet to house a bezel-less display and along with good quality selfies. It seems that vivo got quite fascinated by this idea. The new leaked images of the vivo NEX 2 shows the handset in its all bezel-less beauty. Besides that, there is a second screen on its rear. And on top of that, it is also likely to have three cameras on the back.

The secondary display on a handset removes the need of selfie cameras, and you can take some crisp selfie from the rear. It’s a marvelous idea of receiving video calls from the rear while watching the high-quality entertainment on your front panel.

vivo NEX 2 Specifications…

Rumors say that the vivo NEX 2 will house a Snapdragon 845 processor. Considering these leaks as an early rumor, we believe that vivo will put a more capable Snapdragon 8150 SoC in the handset. Well, the NEX series is the only premium series from the brand, and it is obvious to expect flagship grade specifications from a flagship. Rest, there will be an option for 8 GB RAM and plenty of storage inside. The handset might feature a massive 6.59” AMOLED panel on the front, while the secondary display will be a normal 16:9 ratio panel. Well, this will make room for the three cameras on top and vivo logo on the bottom.