vivo announces its own sub-brand called iQOO – Makes Gaming Phones?


Chinese smartphone manufacturers are making bold moves in the phone industry. The recent news from vivo comes in the form of a new sub-brand of the company. Well, vivo is following the footsteps of Xiaomi and Oppo by introducing iQOO Mobile Phone brand with a futuristic teaser. One can log in to, as that’s the official site. At the moment, the sites provide some information on vivo with no mention about the new company itself.

The odd thing about the new brand is the name itself. If you feel hard to spell, “iQOO,” you’re not alone. The company made a post on its brand account on Weibo and got about 1,300 comments.

We are still unaware of the first official phone by the company. But, the company will give its first phone to one lucky follower tomorrow. Well, only time will tell what kind of smartphone the new company will provide to its masses.

Our best guess is that the new brand will focus on futuristic gaming phones. It will compete directly with ZTE’s, the Razer’s and the Huawei’s gaming phones. We might see some cheap gaming phones, real soon from iQOO.

The new sub-brand of vivo is exciting, but can you spell that accurately? Do give your best suggestions in the comments section below.