vivo Apex 2019 unveiled with no buttons, all screen fingerprint sensor


The vivo Apex 2019 concept phone is official, and it powers some insane specification along with the portless buttonless concept. The smartphone powers a Snapdragon 855 chipset, has 256GB or 512GB of storage, 12GB of RAM and 5G connectivity. Doesn’t the smartphone sound awesome? Well, even if it does! It is still a concept phone.

The vivo Apex 2019 follows the concept from the Meizu phone, but it looks a way better. The bezels on the Apex 2019 are far less than the Meizu’s offering and offers a complete package as well.

vivo Apex 2019 unveiled with no buttons, all screen fingerprint sensor

Though the latest concept phone from Meizu has no ports and buttons, it doesn’t take away your ideal experience. For instance, we’ve now got a MagPort – a magnetic connector on the rear that’s used for charging and data transfer. Remaining are the alternatives for the physical button. For this, vivo brings a combination of capacitive touch and pressure-sensing buttons to replace the standard power and volume buttons on the sides. The implementation seems better than the one on the Meizu Zero.

Anyways, the handset shows no sign of physical cameras on the front. The company didn’t give a sight of selfie camera on the handset. We don’t know whether the smartphone has a pop-up slider or does the concept come without one.

The vivo Apex 2019 has a massive 6.39-inch AMOLED display, without physical speaker grills on the top. There exists a piezoelectric transducer to emit sound from the display itself.

vivo Apex 2019 unveiled with no buttons, all screen fingerprint sensor

An interesting aspect of the vivo Apex 2019 is the under-display fingerprint reader that works on the entire screen. You can touch almost anywhere on the screen to unlock the smartphone. We can say that the vivo Apex 2019 has the most advanced in-display fingerprint reader in the entire industry.

The optics on the front are unknown, but the company reveals the rear camera’s setup. There will exist a 12MP + 13MP dual camera setup on the back with an LED flash.

The vivo Apex 2019 concept will visit at the Mobile World Conference in February. Till then, What do you think about this incredible smartphone? Do you like the look of the phone or you hate it> Do let us know in the comments section below.