Vertu was once a premium sub-brand of Nokia. The company parted its way as a separate brand, and it never did well afterward. Now, after that, the company was in partnership with TCL for building Vertu smartphones in the UK-based plant. And, after some time the company failed to deliver and had to shut down, its plant due to liquidation.

Besides, the company is now trying to get back to their business. And, the Chinese media is now receiving invitations in a fancy black and golden envelope. The event will take place tomorrow in Beijing. And, the invitation reads “Live or Die”.

Also, the invitation reads that the smartphones are Homemade in England. And, this makes us believe that the phones will continue the tradition of ostentatious design and fancy finishes.

Lastly, this October 17 event, will begin at 17.30 local time. And, we expect to see one more luxurious smartphone from Virtu.