Verizon finally enables eSIM on all 2018 iPhones


Apple finally releases the eSIM support on the iPhones with iOS update 12.1.1. The update expands the list of the available carriers to support eSIM on your iPhones. AT&T was the first carrier to enable the eSIM services for the current generation of iPhones. Verizon was supposed to follow, but it could not because of some issues in a dual-SIM configuration.

Verizon and Apple were working since then to iron out these issues. Today, Verizon support tweeted on its Twitter handle that the customers on 2018 iPhone modelscan now enable eSIM on Verizon lines.

The existing customers need to follow a different procedure though. Existing customers can now convert their physical SIM to eSIM by dialing on 611 for technical support on Verizon line.

The benefit of converting to the eSIM is that you can use a local SIM wherever you travel, and your main SIM can stay active on eSIM.