The robocalls are becoming a major problem day by day. We can see a significant impact of robocalls in the United States that has blown way out of proportion. Well, to speak of myself, I get at least 8 robocalls throughout my day. The calls include some recordings, silent callers, and Loan calls. Also, sometimes I get a call from the same company multiple times after disconnecting the call.

Major steps are taking place in the US. Today, a new Bill called the TRACED is published by US Senator John Thune of South Dakota and Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts. The Telephone Robocall Abuse Criminal Enforcement and Deterrence Act and will target these mass Robocalling operations around the US.

The TRACED Act targets robocall scams and other intentional violations of telemarketing laws so that when authorities do catch violators, they can be held accountable. – Sen. Thune

Companies like Google is also taking some major steps. If you own a Google Pixel 3, the mew Call Screening feature will identify and block spam callers. But the solutions in still now permanent, and it can fool the system easily.

US SenateTRACED bill is a major step to end non-stop robocalls

The TRACED Act gives an authority to the FCC, where it can fine up to $10,000 per call that intentionally abuses telemarketing laws. Well, FCC can take actions up to three years after a robocall took place. Presently, the time window is just one year. Also, now the service providers need to ensure that they have a call authentication technologies to filter out illegitimate calls.

Note that this is just a bill at this moment, and it will take time to get approved. The release says that 29% of all phone calls are robocalls in the US and that number could grow to 45% next year.