TSMC is one of the leading companies that is known for making smartphone chipset. Today, the company held an investor meeting and announced more than 50 Chip designs framed on the 7nm process. According to the company, the new manufacturing process will raise the revenue of the company by 20% in Q4 2018. Interestingly, this is a huge syrup up from the 10% mark that we got to see from last year’s calendar.

Further, the CEO of the company CC Wei shares that TSMC will hold a total of 20% share of 7nm chip sales in 2019. Well, most of the customers are currently using first generation manufacturing process of the 7nm chipsets. Most of these buyers include Apple, Huawei, and some other minor organizations. TSMC will include an updated version of the EUV process for their 2019 lineup. And, the chipsets will come into mass production in 2020. Now, this means that in the coming two year’s we will see the 7nm chipsets in most of the flagships.

TSMC expects 7nm chips to account for 20% of its revenues in 2019

Interestingly, the analyst’s prediction that the big companies like Qualcomm will switch from Samsung to the Taiwanese suppliers for its next-gen Snapdragon 800 series chipsets. Also, other big manufacturers like AMD, Nvidia, and Xilinx will join the crowd.

Further, the revenue growth of the company has declined fromĀ  7-9% to 6.5%. Now, the main reason behind the fall is due to the weakening of cryptocurrency mining demand. Rest, TSMC is expected to post Q4 revenues around $9.4 billion, which is a 10% improvement over the previous quarter.