Apple iPhone XS is the best smartphone that the company has ever put on the market. But, this is not the best selling smartphone from the company. Looking at the poor sales of the product in China, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, is currently in China attending meetings. And, this will try helping the local branch in China to boost its sales in the country. Now, one more reason for visiting the country is to strengthen the company’s relationship with Shanghai.

Tim Cook visits China to boost Poor iPhone XS sale

Further, Tims met with the secretary of the Chinese Communist Party. Now, this may further improve the US and China relations, and promote the company’s growth in China. Well, Tim’s is doing a lot her by attending board meetings at the Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management. And, for even more Tims is planning to meet the Chinese president for the purpose.

Now, even if Cook is trying high, we think that the $1850 price tag of the smartphone is the main reason for low sales. So, Apple needs to lower their price tags instead. So, what do you think about Apple’s strategies in China? Do let us know in the comments section below.