The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will arrive soon with 5G support


Xiaomi is introducing a lot of handsets this year. Now, co-founder of the company and president Lin Bin are taunting other brands (and teasing consumers) with how awesomeness of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. First, we’ve got to see the Oppo Find X like camera slider and now the upcoming 5G modem.

The latest picture tweeted by the company reveals the phone with its status bar reading “5G” networks. The handset appears to be in front of a 5G testing station. The “NR5G” refers to the 5G New Radio standard, with sub-6GHz speed and mmWave technologies.

Besides, the N257 band is in the 28GHz band, with mmWave tech in works. It is the faster, but the shorter range of the two technologies. Qualcomm this year announced two 5G modems with speeds up to 2Gbps and 5Gbps. Presumably one of those chips is inside the Mi Mix 3.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is in rumors to launch in late October, this year. So, it can be the first notch free, 5G-powered smartphone before any other brand to do so. These leaks conflict with the Tweets by Xiaomi’s Director of Product Management, saying that the rollout will be next year.