The Vivo NEX S comes out of a torture test by Zack, from the beloved Jerry Rig Everything


If you have ever watched technology channel on Youtube, then you must be aware of this guy Zack, from the channel Jerry Rig Everything. So, this guy just made a video on his Youtube channel that witnesses the torture test concerning the Vivo NEX S and guess what? Oh boy, he found a little fault with it.

Honestly, it remarkably surprised me, observing how Vivo’s flagship looks like a fragile piece of glass from far but a sturdy device to hold in hands.

To wrap-up a few of Zack’s conclusions: The entire frame on the Vivo’s Nex S is metal, including the buttons. The back and front are made of glass, with the front one coming in just a bit short of sapphire in scratch-resistance. Aforementioned indicates that this smartphone is formed well, with a little more flex in the frame than some other solid devices out there, but still, it has excellent structural integrity.

The potential points of failure include the protruding selfie camera that is indeed very sturdy on the outside, with a metal and glass build. Its internal servo, plus spring mounting and dampening solution hold up surprisingly well under torture, as well.
You can check out the video for more insights but remember to be warned as, Remember, it’s all for science.