T-Mobile teases “9G” because it doesn’t even require a software update


We know the AT&T’s plan to switch the 4G LTE icon on its Android phones to 5G E through software updates. In case you don’t remember the article, you can read it from here. The update is now rolling out to the AT&T smartphones, on the select smartphones. Remember that this is not the real 5G support, as the 5G needs separate hardware to run.

It seems like AT&T wants to ride the 5G hype train of 2019 by lying to its customers in this manner. The 5G E networks on the smartphones in not the 5G+. People won’t realize the difference between the two from the naming schemes. It’s an easy way to fool the customers that are not much into technology. But, what about 9G from T-mobile then?

AT&T has found the best way of trolling its competition with fake 5G icons.
In reply, T-Mobile finds the easiest way of connecting 9G on the smartphones. Guess what! it doesn’t require a software update. The future awaits!