Spotify will finally reach India in Q1 2019


Spotify will finally arrive in India. It will compete with the already existing Gaana and Saavan Apps on the continent. India doesn’t have an enormous market of paid music users, but the company may bring a boom in Indian markets.

Spotify is finally available in the Middle East, and it will reach India in the first quarter of 2019. According to Bloomberg, the company has already secured deals with major music rights holders in India. Also, Bhushan Kumar, the music director of the record label T-series, confirms that the deal is on. According to Sweden’s Di Digital, the company failed to acquire an Indian competitor, so it is entering the market on its own.

Spotify will finally arrive India in Q1 2019

Interestingly, currently has 79 million paying subscribers, from North America, South America or Europe. Rest, there is an additional 7 millions data of the subscribers playing Spotify in other markets in the world. India is the second most populated country in the world, so Spotify may turn out to be a big success in the country. Note that already 75 million Indian users are using domestic services like Gaana and Saavn.