Spotify is the best music streaming service out there. The company has its strong existence, and the latest earnings have plenty of good news for the streaming service. To start with its important to know that the company now boasts 191 million total active monthly users. Also, 87 million subscribe among the total number is a paid subscriber now.

Spotify now has 191 million total active monthly users

The total number of subscribers on Spotify is now up from 83 million subscribers in the previous quarter. So, that seems to be a positive hike in the growth of the company. With that said, these numbers are a lot more than the subscribers on the Apple Music.

The company is still in a huge loss of €6 million. Looking at the company’s portfolio in Q3 2017, the company suffered a loss of €73 million. Well, this is a good news for the investors, and as well as the customers as the company is still healthy to deliver.