After getting our hands on with the 7nm A12 bionic and kirin 980 powered smartphones, we are now waiting for the Qualcomm offering. Though the Snapdragon 8150 from Qualcomm will go public in the 2019 smartphones, we can still enjoy the spec sheet of the chipset on December 4. Qualcomm is now sending out invites for its annual summit in Hawaii, and the announcement will follow the next day. It’s usual to see, the San Diego company to announce its products on the first day, and revealing the specification on the next day. We expect a similar strategy to take place this year from Qualcomm.

The invitation trailer looks to be interesting. It includes a Xiaomi VR headset that plays a neat video, sending you to Hawaii. Also, there will be a three days keynote, and the event will end with a goodbye party on December 7.

Snapdragon 8150 will go official on December 4

There is also a paper part of this whole package, roughly translated as “Dare to be the first 5G mobile experience”. Also, it will be the first time that Qualcomm’s moniker will turn into four digits – 8xxx.

Reports say that the chipset will come along with the ARM’s new Cortex-A76 cores that clocks to 2.84 GHz. Along with this, there exist three medium ones that are again the Cortex-A76 with clock speeds of 2.4 GHz. Lastly, there exist four Cortex-A55 clusters of four cores ticks at 1.78 GHz. The die size on Snapdragon 8150 is going to be 12.4 x 12.4mm.

Also, the GPU will evolve to Adreno 640, and the whole platform will be 20% more efficient.