Samsung is ready to ship its first lot of foldable smartphones. The technology is under development by Samsung since 2014. Samsung calls this smartphone a Galaxy F, and it will come along with an Infinity Flex display.

Today, we’ve got an early preview of the Galaxy F by the Concept Creator. The concept video includes everything that we can imagine about the upcoming device in all its glory. Also, the concept portrays the smartphone from all angles.

We expect the Samsung Foldable smartphone to cost $1,770 (KRW 2 million in its homeland), which will equal the handset to the price of the top model iPhone XS Max in a few regions. To our surprise, Samsung Electronics President DJ Koh believes that the flexible phone will ship at least one million units.

The Infinity Flexible Display from Samsung is a Flexible, elastic AMOLED panel, and it folds in a vertical fashion. The vertical folding ability will give more portability to its users. Interestingly, the display will unfold open to get a 7.3″ viewing area. Also, the cover lid on the smartphone will act like 4.58” external display.

Note that the video is a mere concept, and it may or may not turn out to be the real device in the future. For now, we can speculate the things and wait for the final product to arrive.