Samsung will soon make its flexible smartphone official on the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) this Wednesday. Samsung’s mobile division CEO makes the decision public, to introduce its first foldable Galaxy as early as this year. Also, the company has updated its profile image on Facebook with a teaser for its upcoming smartphone with a foldable display.

The rumors say that Samsung will call this smartphone to be the Samsung Galaxy F, and it will be co-developed by Google. Also, the smartphone will carry a model number SM-F900U. And, the smartphones that Samsung is using for internal testings in the UK has the software build number F900USQU0ARJ5. The handset will come along dual screens – an internal one with a 7.3” diagonal and a 4.6” external screen. Rest, the Galaxy F will come along 512GB of internal storage, and Snapdragon 8150 chipset inside. No wonder analysts predict pricing in the $2,000 ballpark.

Samsung teases Galaxy F foldable phone on Facebook

Note that the flexible displays that Samsung is using will fold in a horizontal fashion. The Samsung Galaxy F will be a flip phone with the main screen that will fold inside the smartphone. The secondary display will rest on the outer side of the smartphone. The design is more practical than the single screen on the FlexPai.

Samsung is planning to launch the smartphone to the public on the CES 2019. Note that this will be an early adopter device with a high price and will be available globally.