Samsung is elevating the work, to bring a real foldable smartphone at the end of 2018. Well, this is no surprise to us, and the new patents create even more possibilities for the arrival of this smartphone. Besides, the patent imagines a flexible table that bends inwards and outwards. Now, this brings down the overall footprint of the handset to half.

Samsung reveals flexible tablet design in its new Patents

Further, Samsung filed the patent with WIPO back in April 2018, and it got approved later in October. Interestingly, the description reads it to be a display device with properties to adapt the user interface according to the orientation. The flexible panel will arrive with Aluminum Magnesium alloy that sticks to one another with a magnet.

We know that the 14-inch rollable OLED panels are already official from Samsung. Also, with the approval of these patents, we may very soon see the Galaxy X in our hands.