Samsung is constantly working on new in-display finger scanner technologies for its upcoming flagships. Well, the new patent shows us a way to turn the entire display of the handset into a fingerprint reader. The current generation of in-display fingerprint readers is similar to the old ones with not so large surface area. Also, the patent shows that we can use this technology in the foldable smartphones in the future.

These images below shows us that how Samsung implements the in-display scanner for future devices. Note that the large surface area of this technology will make Samsung put these sensors in Tablets and some other devices as well.

The new readers require a low-power processor that remains to sleep until the user touches the screen. Samsung will surely never go with the notch-design on its handsets. And, the company will sell smartphones with a very similar technology to other companies.

For, registering your fingerprints, the technology will take 3 scans of about 20-30ms each. Also, the screen brightness is adjusted within 200 nits and 600 nits while scanning. Sometimes, the local high brightness model will be used to go over 1,000 nits.

The technology is in line with the Synaptics optical fingerprint reader. And, it requires around 700ms to make a complete scan