Samsung Developer’s conference 2018 is now airing, and Samsung has announced its Infinity Flex Display, and One UI in collaboration with Google. One UI will bring major functionalities on the Foldable smartphones, and it will be later available on the non-foldable smartphones. Also, Samsung in this event talked about the future of Bixby on Samsung and non-Samsung products.

Infinity Flex Display

Samsung calls the Infinity Flex Display as the Infinity Flex, but the company didn’t announce a complete functional smartphone. The Infinity Flexible Display from Samsung is a Flexible, elastic AMOLED panel, and it folds in a vertical fashion. The vertical folding ability will give more portability to its users. Interestingly, the display will unfold open to get a 7.3″ viewing area.

Samsung announces Infinity Flex Display along with One UI

Samsung says that the company will also bring the rollable and stretchable displays in the market. Well, this is in addition to the in-folding and out-folding ones.

One UI For Infinity Flex Display

The major improvements have also come up in the One UI where Samsung in relation with Google and Android Developers will bring us a more practical UI. The One UI is minimalistic and it keeps the relevant content on the bottom half of the screen. Well, this will allow users to enjoy one-handed operations on the larger screen at all times.

Samsung announces Infinity Flex Display along with One UI

The new UI is intelligent enough to keep three apps open at once on the big foldable panel. We believe that One UI will provide more area for better productivity on large foldable screens and on Galaxy Tablets.

The foldable smartphone from Samsung is in early productions now, and Samsung will soon gear up for the mass production. We expect the smartphone to go public in the Q1 of 2019.

Hardships to create Infinity Flex Displays

The Infinity Flex Display was not an easy task for Samsung to accomplish. The tough glass for protecting the smartphone against scratch and drops cannot be used with folding displays. Samsung has replaced the glass with a new protective layer, an advanced composite polymer that’s both flexible and tough. Well, this new polymer is Samsungs own invention.

Samsung announces Infinity Flex Display along with One UI

Another challenge to make Flexible displays is the number of flexes it can survive while folding and unfolding the smartphone. To prevent degradation on the Infinity Flex Displays, Samsung has made a malleable, foldable adhesive that keeps all the components securely stuck together while enabling them to flex.

Samsung announces Infinity Flex Display along with One UI

The last challenge for Samsung was to build displays that are thinner than any other mobile display the company has ever produced. Well, for this purpose Samsung reduced the thickness of the polarizer, creating an entirely new one that is 45% thinner.

Bixby platform

Besides the Infinity Flex, Samsung is making major improvements to the Samsung Bixby platforms. Samsung has opened the platform for the third-party app development for Bixby. We don’t know that how this will make Bixby any better, but we have hi expectations from Samsung.

Samsung announces Infinity Flex Display along with One UI

Samsung is introducing the Bixby Developer that should help the developer to integrate Bixby to their own products and services. The Bixby Capsules are selections of services or features for Bixby making them easily accessible for consumers to find in the Bixby Marketplace. The whole platform would help developers adapt their capsules to work with TVs, speakers and other home appliances part of the Samsung ecosystem.

Note that the upcoming update on Bixby will now add British English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish to the selection of languages on Bixby.