Samsung Galaxy foldable will go official at the developer conference that starts tomorrow. The developers from around the world may give a later feedback on this new concept device from Samsung. Remember that the UI on the Galaxy F will be made together by Samsung and Google.

The Vice President of mobile communication confirms that the user interface of the handset will go official at the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC). Well, reports from another Samsung exec makes us believe that the images of the device will be revealed too.

Samsung will show images of its foldable phone at Samsung Developers Conference

We assume that Samsung is still working on the final design of the handset. The real handset may not make an appearance tomorrow, but Samsung may show some prototypes. Also, the Galaxy F will not go Official to the public until next year.

“Before we take it to the market, we want to share with developers what we’ve done so far and seen what they think of it,” a Samsung official said. We also expect that the all-new Samsung UI and will be demoed at the SDC as well.