Samsung Galaxy Watch is in the markets since the launch of the Galaxy Note9. While the non-LTE version of the Galaxy Watch is still available, now the cellular version of the Galaxy Watch is available in the United Kingdom. For those on the EE, the subscription can now pre-order a 4G variant of the Samsung Galaxy Watch. Currently, no other carrier provides LTE on the Galaxy Watch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G is now available for pre-orders in the UK

The potential buyers can pre-order online, over the phone, or in the stores. As far as the plan goes, you can sign up for GBP 20/month for 24 months. Well, the plan provides you with an extra 1GB data boost for the companion smartphone line. The Galaxy Watch LTE will be helpful in making calls, receiving SMS, and streaming music independent of the smartphone to be nearby.

Note that you can pair your EE plan for the Galaxy Watch 4G with a SIM-only Samsung phone so that customers only need one number to call and message from either the Watch or the paired smartphone.