Samsung Galaxy S10e leaks in the wild – Confirms the name of the phone!


The Samsung Galaxy S10 bunch of smartphones is no more a mystery for us. The company will unveil its next flagship phone later this month, on February 20. Of Late, we’ve got a significant leak of the phone that covers the affordable Samsung Galaxy S10e. Like the iPhone XR, this e-version of the Galaxy S10 will deliver the essential features of the flagship phone.

Even more, the name of the affordable Galaxy S10e gets clarification from the certification documents with the Taiwanese NBTC agency, and the image of the phone itself. The name of the phone shows up on the Boot animation logo of the phone.

Additionally, we’ve got the images of the Galaxy S10e leaked in the wild. A photo shows the phone with a ruler on the top of the front panel next to the hole camera. Well, the image specifies that the punch hole will measure at least 5mm in diameter.

Anyways, the punch hole is a massive distraction, and I personally don’t feel the innovation by Samsung’s side. The phone has decent flagship grade specifications with a 5.8-inch flat AMOLED screen. In comparison, the regular Galaxy S10 will get a curved 6.1-inch and the Galaxy S10+ will get a 6.4-inch display. Both the phones will get an in-display fingerprint scanner. The S10e in comparison will get fingerprint reader inside the power button on the side.

We already know a lot about the Galaxy S10 trio, but we are yet to see the Canary Yellow color of the Galaxy S10e. What do you think about the latest from Samsung? Do let us know in the comments section below.