Samsung’s 5G phone to be called Galaxy S10 X


The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G-enabled smartphone will get official along with the regular Galaxy S10 flagship models. The handsets will arrive on February 20, but the latest rumor from today is creating excitement among us. With the courtesy of ETNews reports, now we know that the upcoming Samsung 5G smartphone will be known to be the Galaxy S10 X. The X stands for ten as Galaxy lineup is now ten years old. Also, it stands for experience and expands.

The Galaxy S10 X will embark its sales in South Korea in late March. We expect the handset to cost between KRW 1.6 million and KRW 1.8 million ($1,425-$1,600). We don’t expect Samsung to unveil the handset at the MWC event.

Anyways, the Galaxy S10 X will feature an enormous 6.7″ AMOLED panel on the font. Under the hood, we will see SD855 chipset along with 10GB of RAM. The handset will get 512GB as internal storage. Also, there will exist a whopping 5,00 mAh battery on the Galaxy S10 X.


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