Samsung Galaxy S10+ triple camera specifications are confirmed by a Korean agency


Samsung Galaxy S10+ is halfway away from its official launch date. Besides that, next year is also the 10th anniversary of Galaxy S flagship series. Samsung will surely make that the Galaxy S10+ will look and feel outstanding. A lot of leaks are suggesting a triple-camera setup and a dual selfie camera on this forthcoming smartphone.

With that said, Today a report has come from South Korea, revealing the full camera setup. There will be a regular 16MP primary sensor with a variable aperture, including a 13MP sensor with a telephoto lens and a 12MP wide-angle camera lens.


ETNews is a South Korean agency that is reporting this whole setup from the Samsung. Accordingly, Samsung was initially planning for a triple camera setup on one of the available models. But now the plans are changing with two variants to receive this same setup.

There is a possibility that we can get to see this set up early in the Galaxy A9 (2019) series. Samsung is planning to introduce a setup with 32MP + 8MP +5MP setup on the back of this series. That will potentially make it the first midrange series to get triple camera setup. The Aperture and the nature of this setup are unknown for now.


According to analysts, more than 10% of the market will have triple camera smartphones in 2019. That will become possible as LG and Samsung will be following Huawei in the triple-camera race. Besides that, we will also see substantial growth in the camera market, due to an increase in demand for these camera sensors. Consequently, we will see improved business results for manufacturers like Samsung, MCNEX, CamSys, and others.