Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite concept render shows even bezels


The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is the most anticipated smartphone that Samsung will unveil in Q1 of 2019. With the Lite edition of the Galaxy Flagship series, the flat screens will make a comeback. A recent leak of the handset showcases the smartphone with a flat 5.8″ screen. Moreover, the concept renders from @iceUniverse shows that the handset has a nice symmetry to it.

Looking at the renders, you might feel an iPhone X/XS like symmetry in the upcoming Samsung smartphone. But, you won’t have a notch design to bother you. At least, the camera hole will take less space, and the overall design of the handset may have more real-estate than the other smartphones in the current market.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite concept render shows even bezels

The current generation of smartphones in the market with O-displays have chins at the bottom. Moreover, the design comes with the conventional LCDs instead of the modern AMOLED. So far, the Apple iPhones are the only smartphones available in the market with no-chin at the bottom.

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 looks like a real deal in a day. Besides the in-display fingerprint reader, the handset will feature similar specification of its mighty siblings. Also, the rumors suggest that the handset will feature a dual camera set up along with a 3.5mm headphone jack on the bottom.