Iris scanner is one of the best ways of biometrics authentication. We’ve got this feature on our smartphones since the launch of the Galaxy Note7. And, we have it right now on the latest Samsung flagships. Now reports from multiple sources confirm that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will get no iris scanner. Well, it seems that Samsung will rely on the fingerprint scanner as the key biometric security measure on its future smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S10 will get no iris scanner

The iris scanner on the Samsung smartphones was always a hit or miss feature. And, now two independent sources from Korea confirms the absence of iris scanner on the Galaxy S10. By doing so the company will be able to implement thinner bezels or it will make room for 3D Face-scanning technology.

Also, we’ve got to see the rumors from ETnews that the under-display fingerprint scanner will make its way to the Galaxy S10 Trio. Also, Samsung will implement ultrasonic sensors for this technology.