samsung galaxy s10 will use in-display fingerprint scanners in all three variants


Samsung Galaxy S10 is the anniversary edition flagship from Samsung. This flagship will go official early in Q1 of 2019. From all the rumors spreading around, we know that the S10 is going to be even more innovative. The Galaxy Note 9 was a beast, and the S10 will add even more to it. Besides that, Samsung will launch three S10 models and two distinct fingerprint readers.

Earlier we were assuming that Samsung is working in for an in-house solution for the fingerprint scanners. Now, the new leak says that Samsung is apparently working with Qualcomm to use ultrasonic sensors in two of their mainstream handsets. The two will remain the higher-end S10 models. The third one will use an in-house optical reader that is of the same kind we are catching up within the current handsets.

samsung galaxy s10 confirms in-display fingerprint scanner

The current ultrasonic sensors are about 3x times more expensive than an optical sensor. These sensors are capable of creating a 3D mapping of your fingers, thus making it the most secure biometric format till the date.
An ultrasonic reader is about 3x times more expensive than an optical one. A good thing about these sensors is, that water, dust, and smudge don’t affect the performance.

The Analysts from IHS Markit predicts a whopping 100 million handsets to ship with an in-display fingerprint reader next year. So, does that make you excited about the valuable technology that comes inside the Galaxy S10? Kindly let us know in the comments section below.