Samsung Galaxy S10+ shows up again – Can you Live with Dual Selfie holes on Top?


The Samsung Galaxy S10 is the star of the show of this months. With countless leaks, the smartphone is firing up the rumor mills. Today, we’ve got another leak of the smartphone, but this time the news comes with the screen turned off. In spite, the screen is off, one can clearly notice the dual selfie cameras on the top right. Well, the smartphone doesn’t feel symmetrical with the strange positioning of selfie cameras.

A closer look at the smartphone reveals that the Galaxy S10+ rests in a case. Well, it’s to avoid the final design from leaks. With that said, it is plausible to say that this is a prototype phone that’s in examining someplace in the wild, possibly with a Samsung employee.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ shows up again - Can you Live with Dual Selfie holes on Top?

Anyways, the Samsung Galaxy S10 trio will kickstart the trend of camera holes smartphones in the industry, in 2019. We can say that the next year of smartphones will be a close call between the 5G phones and the odd camera hole trends. To my belief, I still like the flagships from Xiaomi that are in favor of implementing sliders instead of the odds. It’s better to adopt the prevalent technologies. The experience from these massive brands looks slouch in front of the bezel-less concepts from the other brands in the market.

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ will cost €1,600 for the model with 12GB of RAM and 1TB of storage. The entry-level model will set back at €1,050 for 6/128GB of internal configurations. The market now is significantly competitive. Samsung requires to make an unquestionably capable smartphone to compete with the Chinese brands in the market.