Samsung Galaxy S10 leak reveals a cryptocurrency wallet – Feature Loaded!


The Samsung Galaxy S10 will be a marvel in the world of mobiles. The company has had a focus on the Hardware and software of the phone, as well. Today, fresh leaks of the smartphone hit the internet. The photographs show a Samsung Blockchain KeyStore running on the Galaxy S10. Well, the S10 might become one of the early adopters of cryptocurrencies supported smartphone, like Htc EXODUS 1.

The photograph shows a smartphone with a single camera cut-out. It’s safe to assume that it is the regular S10 in the pictures below.

The page on the smartphone relates to a wallet setup and reads “a secure and convenient place for your cryptocurrency.”Well, it seems to be a welcome page, and here you will be able to create. Interestingly, the app shows Ethereum (ETH) as the only supported cryptocurrency. The reason can be that this is a test version, and the application is in beta.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will start at £780 for the Lite model with flat AMOLED panel. The regular S10 with 6/128GB of internal configuration will set back at £930. The highest tier Galaxy S10+ will set back at £1,600 for 12GB + 1TB configuration.

Above all, the handset will carry reverse wireless charging. It will run on SD 855 SoC, and there will be incredible camera setup on the front and rear, as well. The anniversary edition of Galaxy phones will be remarkable, and there will exist 5G variant of the handset. Anyways, the handset will go official on February 20, so stay tuned with us.


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