Samsung Galaxy S10 phones allow you to Remap the Bixby Button


The Galaxy S10 Trio of flagship series is marvelous, both in looks and Specifications. While the phone offers a complete experience, the company has acknowledged the lack of interest for Bixby among its customers. For the people who don’t want to use Samsung digital assistant, there’s a better option. The Samsung Galaxy S10 owners can remap the button to assign the app of your choice.

With that said, the absolute solution is certainly tricky. The company lets you single and double press the button to assign the task. If you assign a single press to your favorite application, the double press will wake-up Bixby. That means, you still have Bixby on the dedicated button.

The update may hit on the Galaxy S9 duo and Note 9, but we don’t know when. Well, do you like the Galaxy S10 flagship trio? Do let us know in the comments section below.