Galaxy S10 will feature 10MP Selfie camera and 10-bit color processing!


Some exclusive information from a tipster reveals some significant updates on the Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and Galaxy S10e. Well, this insider has had a chance to play with the Galaxy S10 bunch and reports the experience over the internet.

According to this leakster, the Galaxy S10 Trio will premiere a new Super AMOLED display. Well, the AMOLED screen will carry a 10-bit color processing. The technology is in use by YouTube and Netflix, but we don’t know how will it differ from the S9 and Note9.

Anyways, the other features that will host on the new phones will include a punch hole on display. There will exist a 10MP shooter on the front along with OIS, dual-pixel autofocus, and 4K video recording. Grievously, the secondary camera on the S10+ is not a wide angle camera. It is a depth-sensing unit, instead.

To our surprise, the source makes a note on the reliability of the in-display fingerprint reader, as well. The scanner will be a fair bit faster than the conventional scanners, accordingly. Sadly, the scanner won’t cover the entire screen. It will get an implementation in a restricted surface area, instead.

Like Apple, Samsung will also cut on certain areas on the Phone. The company won’t implement a 3D touch button on the bottom of the phone. The feature is convenient to use, but the Galaxy S10 won’t get it. It will support simple methods of waking up with a tap or a press on the in-display fingerprint area.

Anyways, the Galaxy S10+ now confirms to get a 4,100 mAh battery. It will support a reverse wireless technology, as well. Also, the super slow motion will get an improvement. One will be able to capture 0.4-0.8s of super fast motion instead of 0.2-0.4s.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ will arrive in three colors – White, Black, and Green with hues of Blue. The Galaxy S10e will get a fourth color. All three phones will get a metallic finish with a hint of shimmering crystals, as well.