Samsung Galaxy Note9 is now receiving fourth Android Pie beta update


Samsung Galaxy Note9 is now getting its fourth new significant update in Germany, South Korea, and India. We are talking about the Android Pie Beta update, and we hope that Samsung will soon publish the complete package of this update.

The latest update will bump up the security patch to January 1, 2019. The update arrives as a 123MB download, and after installing it will bring your Note9 to software version N960FXXU2ZRLT.

Looking at the pace at which Samsung is pushing the updates, we feel that the final update will arrive on January 15. Anyways, the updates comes with a bunch of bug fixes.

For instance, the update now fixes the Samsung notes application that didn’t work at all earlier. Now the navigation gestures on force touching the Home button doesn’t hold, the Gallery app is able to play the motion phots, and and the Bixby service doesn’t stop in two phone mode from this point on. Other than that, the lower portion of the keyboard now responds to the touches, profile images show in the contacts, and there are a lot of other fixes that you can read from below.

Also, Samsung pushes significant updates to the front and the rear cameras of the Galaxy Note9 as well.