Samsung Galaxy Note10 is codenamed as “Da Vinci”


Samsung has just made the Galaxy Note9 Official around the Globe. It has been no more than one month, and the rumors for Samsung Galaxy Note10 have started. Samsung has already started working on the successor of the Galaxy Note9. A Korean Media company THE BELL, is stating that¬†Samsung already gave a code name to the Galaxy Note10 and it’s “Da Vinci.

The Bell has a good reputation leaking Samsung information around the Web. If it is to be believed then Samsung has already started working on enhancing the features for the Next Note. Samsung’s CEO, DJ Koh, said that a single S Pen development takes about 2-3 years. But, we believe Samsung will bring an even improved S pen in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

Samsung may let you disable the Galaxy Note9's Bixby button soon

Now, speaking of the other parts of the leak, we’ve no exact idea about the look and feel of the handset right now. Besides, looking at the industrial designs and mockups we have not seen a¬†home button and they are leaks are based on the Infinity Display.

Besides all those things above, Samsung is launching a foldable smartphone this November, ar Samsung Developers Conference. So a foldable Galaxy Note 10 will never happen, as the foldable smartphones will be a new category.

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