Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Note9 in another 24-hours. Besides that, we have some leaked images that detail some of the unique features from the Phablet.

The all-new Bluetooth-enabled S Pen in the image is intelligent enough to do a lot more tasks. You can remotely trigger the camera, change the presentation slides, control applications and can do even more.

The S Pen will be able to detect 4,096 levels of pressure well suitable while drawing, taking notes, and sending Live messages with the S-Pen.


The dual aperture cameras at the back adapt like a human eye. The Phablet will the whole setup from the galaxy S9+ with a change in alignment. Samsung can sprinkle a bit of AI on the top of the camera features. The intelligent camera will acknowledge the object to change contrast, color, exposure, brightness and more.

galaxy_note_9_s_pen__EETqN galaxy_note_9_intell_ow2SU

The Galaxy Note9 will feature a DeX mode, which demands a Type C to HDMI cord. The dual screen mode lets you use both the external monitor and handset ’s display one at the same time. You can take notes on the Always-On display while your phablet is in DeX mode.


In the UK the base Note9 variant with 128GB of storage will cost £900 while the top 512GB unit will be £1,100. So, are you excited for the Note 9 release tomorrow? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment’s section below.