Samsung Galaxy Note9 Launched with a Better S-Pen , Larger Battery and Screen


Samsung Galaxy Note9 is now official at the wheel of Samsung’s smartphone lineup. The new Note seems like a small update over the Galaxy Note8. But, there exists a multitude of significant improvements.

While the footprint of the Samsung Galaxy Note9 has mostly retained from its predecessor’s, it has a lot going on inside. The bigger 6.4-inch screen is notchless and looks beautiful. There is a 20% bigger 4,000mAh battery powering the tasks.

Galaxy Note 9 LaunchedGalaxy Note 9 Launched

Now, Samsung say’s that this is the biggest flagship screen they have ever put on a phone. The QHD+ screen is 0.1-inch taller than the Galaxy Note8’s and shares the same 1440*2960px resolution. This 6.4-inch screen looks gorgeous, and supports HDR10 and Always On Display.

The Galaxy Note 9 has no under the display fingerprint scanner. Besides that, the fingerprint scanner has moved to a more sensible position. The under the camera module position makes it easy to access experience.

Galaxy note 9 released Galaxy note 9 released

That Dual camera’s on the rear are carried from the Galaxy S9+’s setup. There, is a 12MP variable-aperture f/1.5-2.4 wide lens and 12MP f/2.4 telephoto cameras lens – both optically stabilized. The camera UI support’s Samsung’s new Intelligent Camera that acknowledges the object to change contrast, color, exposure, brightness and more. The selfie camera has remained the same 8MP f/1.7 snapper.

Galaxy Note 9 Launched Galaxy Note 9 Launched







There is also an Exynos 9810 Octa – chipset carried from the Galaxy S9/S9+. There is an inclusion of stereo speakers (finally). The Galaxy Note9 and the S Pen both are IP68 water resistant. The DeX game on the Galaxy Note9 has changed too. Besides that, there is no physical DeX Dock. All above this, there is a USB-C to HDMI cable to use the Galaxy Note9 in DeX mode.

The Bluetooth-enabled S Pen acts as a remote shutter for the camera. The S Pen will be able to detect 4,096 levels of pressure well suitable while drawing, taking notes, and sending Live messages with the S-Pen. It has a range of 10 meters and a battery power of about200 clicks. With this, it can last as much as 30-minutes. The S-Pen recharges in only 40 seconds when tucked inside the phone. The S Pen now supports three inputs – short press, long press and double press.

The Samsung S-Pen SDK will be open to the developers soon.

Galaxy Note 9 Launched Galaxy Note 9 Launched








There is a big 4000mAh battery powering the helm of the device. But sadly, it is powered by the outdated, Quick Charge 2.0 speeds. The Galaxy Note9 supports Fast Wireless Charging as well.

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 comes in Ocean Blue, Midnight Black, Lavender Purple and the new Metallic Copper. The base Note9 variant with 6GB/128GB of storage will cost $999 while the top 8GB/512GB unit will be $1,250. So, are you excited for the Note 9? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment’s section below.