Samsung Galaxy Home: is a smart speaker by Bixby


Samsung has announced it’s new Samsung Galaxy Home smart speaker to the world at the Galaxy Note9 launch event. With, these speaker’s they are now, in the game of AI-powered stylish home speakers. Besides that, Bixby is now in direct opposition to Alexa and the Google Voice system. While Google may have the most suitable software designed for intelligent learning, Samsung is no slouch.

A rather cool thing is that it is AKG powering these speakers. For this reason, they feel a lot beefier in comparison to Echo Dot and Home mini.


Samsung is now in business with Spotify, to provide a default music streaming platform for Galaxy Home. Now, this is an immense take over Google home and Amazon Alexa. Spotify is big, everyone loves it, and now your smart speakers stream Spotify in default mode.

For, better microphone array, the Galaxy Home has an 8 mic setup environment. SoundSteer will then aim the audio towards the subject. This way the speakers will get loud sound enough, without elevating the volume levels manually.

There is no word on pricing and availability of the Galaxy Home speakers now. But, as soon as we get some information, we’ll update you, folks, soon. Till then you can share your thoughts about the price in the comment’s section below.