Samsung Galaxy Fold Goes official, available April 26th starting at $1,980


The Galaxy Unpacked 2019 welcomes the Galaxy Fold to the stage. We were expecting the company to start with the Galaxy S10 lineup. The Galaxy Fold is a breakthrough, and it is a whole new category. The 4.3″ display on the phone changes the entire world of yours when it opens up into a 7.3″ display.

Galaxy Fold Breakthrough Specifications

The all-new hinge system has multiple unlocking gears, that hides beneath the hinge. The Galaxy Fold is a premium device that comes in four different elegant colors.

The Galaxy Fold can be used in limitless fashion. When folding open, you can multitask three tasks at a time. The displays use app continuity to connect the usability on the displays.

The Galaxy Fold gets free access to YouTube Premium. Under the hood, it has got a 7nm SD855 under the hood along with 12GB of internal storage. The UFS 3.1 storage up to 512GB reads and writes at twice the display.

Special technology will use two batteries beneath each part of the display to draw power as a whole unit. The total capacity of the Galaxy Fold measures at 4380mAh that is massive, but i doubt a full day of usage with the massive tablet form of the gadget. The Galaxy Fold is a system that has six cameras on the phone. Well, that includes triple cameras on the rear, on on the inside, and the two selfie cameras.

The 4.3″ display on the front has the purpose of a conventional smartphone. Once you open the application on the front screen, the app continuity lets you open the same application in the same fashion in the tablet form. Watching Netflix, using Google search, and using the Whats App all are now part of one big window. Well, that’s due to the three windows multi-tasking on the phone. The screen is big enough to pull three tasks on the Galaxy Fold.

Anyways, the Cover Display on Galaxy Fold is 4.6″ diagonally at 840 x 1960 with a 21:9 aspect ratio, while the Main Display is 7.3″ at 1536 x 2152 and 4.2:3.

Galaxy Fold Price & Availability

The phone costs a whopping $1980 and the shipments will embark on April 26. The phone will support 5G support, and the first owners will get the dynamic earbuds as well.

While the Galaxy Fold is a marvel, Samsung is not the only one to break through the foldable technology. Chinese manufacturers like Huawei and Xiaomi will bring their iterations soon. That’s not all, we’ve seen the concept of Xiaomi’s foldable phone, and it is far more reproductive in my opinion. Lenovo has also started teasing the foldable phone and even LG is working on one.

In our opinion, we may see some cheap alternatives of Galax Fold in the nearing future. So, should you buy Samsung’s offering at $1,980? Or should you wait for this market to expand more? Give your opinions in the comments section below.