This is the Galaxy Fold Clamshell Phone – Reminds me of my first Samsung Flip phone

Breaking News - This is the official teaser for the Samsung Galaxy Fold Clamshell Phone


Meet the official trailer for Samsung’s upcoming Clamshell foldable phone. In this world of possibilities, Samsung will soon make your dream phone a real deal in a day. While Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is not the perfect foldable phone, it is selling like hot cakes in the world. What next? Well, it’s the new approach for the foldable phones from Samsung.

My First Samsung Flip-Phone

Right now, the Foldable phones in the market fold open into a tablet. But now, Samsung wants to experiment on a smaller form factor. The latest teaser from Samsung shows a clamshell design that unfolds into a smartphone. It will be intelligent to call this as a flip design. And, it reminds me of my first feature flip phone (Samsung SGH-V200) from Samsung. Well, back later in 2002, it was an entirely new experience holding a flip phone with rotating cameras. 

The Samsung trailer comes right from Samsung’s developer conference. The video is straight forward, and it shows the company exploring a new form factor. 

Moto RAZR Foldable Phones are also coming!

It’s an exciting concept, as it makes me remind of the iconic RAZR phones from Motorola. My aunt had one, and I loved the sleek design of Moto RAZR phones at that time. Also, there’s a reason to discuss the Moto RAZR phones. Well, Motorola will take the wraps off the world’s first foldable clamshell on November 13. How will it compete against Samsung’s offering in the future? Only the time tell that.


This is the design of first Galaxy Fold Flip-phone

The first look of the clamshell phone from Samsung shows a punch-hole camera from Galaxy Note 10. But, What about the external display? Well, the Galaxy Fold has one, the clamshells in the past years had it, and we can only guess that the Galaxy Fold Clamshell will have it.

Anyways, this is not the first time we are hearing about this all-new Galaxy product. Back in September, a Bloomberg report talked about such a product. Also, back in August, a Samsung patent showed a similar design.

Important to note, the handset will carry a large 6.7″ display. And, the overall product will be thinner and cheaper than the Galaxy Fold. 


So, when do we expect to see the real Galaxy Fold Clamshell phone? Well, we expect the phone to be unveiled at the 2020 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February. Also, Samsung can hold separate private events to showcase display technology.

So, are you ready for the next innovation from Samsung? Well, share your thoughts in the comments section below.