Samsung’s mobile division CEO makes the decision public, to introduce its first foldable Galaxy as early as this year. Moreover, Samsung is running survey’s, asking their audience, if they want a foldable smartphone. In return, Samsung is getting a very positive response from the audience regarding the foldable technology. New rumors say that the Samsung Galaxy F will be unveiled behind the closed door this month during Samsung’s Developers Conference in San Francisco.

For all those tech enthusiasts who are waiting for the public release of this smartphone, it will go official in early 2019. Reports say that the handset will be known as Galaxy F. Also, the smartphone will carry a model number SM-F900U. And, the smartphones that Samsung is using for internal testings in the UK has the software build number F900USQU0ARJ5.

Samsung's foldable Galaxy F will launch this month in San Francisco

Some internal reports say that the Galaxy F will feature a unique version of Android UI for the Galaxy F. Also, Samsung is working with Google team for the final version of the OS on the foldable smartphones.

Interestingly, the European and Asian code names of these new Galaxy foldable smartphones are already available. The model no that we’ve got are SM-F900F and SM-F900N for the European and Asian markets respectively. Well, it seems that Samsung is taking the foldable smartphones serious, and it will eventually go official globally.

Rest, the Galaxy F will come along 512GB of internal storage, and Snapdragon 8150 chipset inside. No wonder analysts predict pricing in the $2,000 ballpark.

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